Welcome to Wonderland!

Grade R and RR.

Wierda Wonderland Nursery school in Wierdapark is a trusted and experienced authority when it comes to the caring and stimulation of children from 4 years old. We make it EASY for you by giving you peace of mind by knowing that your child is loved, cared for and stimulated.


Our Mission is to develop each child to his or her full potential-, spiritually, intellectually and physically, so that each may grow in grace, enjoy freedom through knowledge, and lead a healthy productive and meaningful life.


We will strive to create a homely atmosphere. The child is guided to adopt to new situations thus preparing him e.g. for his formal education. He is taught a love, appreciation and loyalty towards his School. He learns to discover himself and others thus, improving his Self-esteem. He will be taught to love and respect others. The child learns to accept himself and his friends as well as to obey his teacher. He learns to become independent through developing his Self-esteem and by performing tasks given to him. He is taught how to behave in various situations. He is taught that he as well as his classmates have a responsibility in the class.


A variety of techniques and skills are taught e.g.


  • Posture (to sit, walk and stand correctly)
  • Vocabulary and language use.
  • Handling of pencils, scissors and paint brushes.
  • Basic good manners.
  • Perceptual skills.
  • Gross motor skills.
  • Fine motor skills.
  • Visual skills.
  • Auditory skills.
  • Cognitive skills.



Above all, we will endeavor to instill love, faith and trust in the Lord, through knowledge of God’s word and by praising him through prayers and song and by setting a good example to the child.